Have we reached the end of the car?

Interesting article about Peak car here.  Have we reached the end of the car as we know it, to be replaced with electric appliances that self drive?  You gotta wonder!


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Weird Harold

I just wanted to mention that a friend of mine set up a website that he maintains from time to time.  Weird Harold is a bit of a strange guy, but he spends a huge amount of time surfing around the net and finds some pretty interesting things.  It certainly is interesting to see what he finds.

His site is called Stuffchannel, Weird Harold’s incomplete view of the web or something like that.  It’s fun, and some of the stuff is just downright weird, like Harold I guess.

Click here for Weird videos and stuff from Wierd Harold

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Welcome to my Wordpress Blogspace

Hey world… It’s me, RawAlex!

I have to remember first of all to be a good boy in this space.  I am not shy to say that many of the websites and web properties I build involve adult themes, and I have never been shy about that stuff.  But my blog here really isn’t about that stuff, but rather about fun things I am working on, and the challenges of getting blogs noticed and picked up in a sea of overwhelming dreck.  Heck, 244 thousand blogs on wordpress, you know that the world is full of waste materials.

I am here to add my waste material to blogspace.  Catch.

One of the funnest blogspaces I manage (but don’t really write for) is Latest Movies.  Basically, it is a aggregated blog that takes feeds from various places and mashes them together, giving visitors a chance to find out much about their favorite movies and news and wahtnot all in one place.  It is a very “kind” space as every story link directly to the source, the headline, the content, everything.  No redirections or anything.  Feedback has been really good, and I am slowly adding more and more pages to the site.

I am using a search utility to create a number of semi-stable pages, which allows me to create dynamic pages without really making pages.  It is a bit of a weird way to do it, but it seems to work well.   The next step might be a little plugin to catch what people are searching for and create pages for the more popular searches.  Very user friendly!

Anyway,check it out and enjoy!

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